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The app is coded in Python & PHP to get your hack in an instant!


We use private proxies on our server to ensure ban free hacking


Who Are We

We are a group of hackers who love playing online shooter games. We absolutely enjoyed playing Fortnite, H1Z1 (King of the Hill) and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground since they were released. It came to a point where we got so bored so we decided to exploit some loopholes in the game. With a bit of luck, months, and sleepless nights spent cracking the game codes, we finally succeeded in creating our hacks for these games!

The hack was tested out amongst our friends and soon it was released to the public after 3 months. Gamers were going crazy about our hack that they can’t help but spread it to their friends. We were amazed with the hack that not even a single person reported a ban in their accounts. It is our success to see you guys happy and enjoying our creation. We couldn’t ask for anything else.

This website was made for the enjoyment of our fellow gamers. We enjoyed it ourselves and we think its for the best to share it with those who just want to have fun with game. We hope you find this site useful.